Hydroxyzine Dosage

Hydroxyzine dosing may at first be 25-100 mg orally every 6-8h as needed though can be different as it can depend upon the severity of the targeted problem and the actual choice the prescribing physician happens to have in dealing with the particular problem. When required Hydroxyzine dosing can be escalated all the way to 600 mg/day, but can have some different dosages A usual dosage with Hydroxyzine is 50-100 mg orally every 6hours as needed .

Critically important is that you cannot compare the dose in milligrams or other measurement units with the dosage of comparable drug products. Comparing a mg dosage connected with any one medicine against a amount prescribed with another pharmaceutical is simply a bad choice. A unit of measure for one certain medication just can’t simply be compared to the amount needed for any other pharmaceutical as the effect as measured by a unit for unit measurement for similar but different drug products often tends to be very variable. You can safely expect to safely compare a dose with aindividuals medication versus usual dosing of that particular medicine , but not to different drug products.

When using most medications typically the higher the dosage more commonly any specific patient may notice pharmaceutical consequences. Hydroxyzine is no exception for this generality of experiences. Side effects not expected commonly with starting Hydroxyzine dosing may be found to be thought of as common if your Hydroxyzine dose happens to be increased approaching a higher Hydroxyzine dosing with something like 600 mg/day.

The usual route of administration of Hydroxyzine is oral or intramuscular.

Whether patients may be prescribed Hydroxyzine at the lowest common Hydroxyzine amount like 25-100 mg orally every 6-8h as needed vs. versus somewhere higher on the typical dosage range up to the particular FDA agreed upon maximum Hydroxyzine dose of 600 mg/day patients may find themselves having Hydroxyzine complications. If anyone happens to experience symptoms which could happen to be Hydroxyzine side-effects anyone needs to get this information to the physician to see if it is safe to keep taking the drug or if you need to immediately halt taking your Hydroxyzine.

Hydroxyzine is used to treat anxiety, pruritus, anesthesia adjunct sedation , nausea/vomiting, and insomnia.

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