Makena Dosage

Makena dose can initially be 250 mg intramuscularly every week but can be different as it can depend upon the relative severity of the targeted issue as well as the actual preference of the prescribing physician. If needed Makena dosing can get and go as high as 250 mg intramuscularly every week , though it will have some different dosages A typical dose of Makena is 250 mg intramuscularly every week .


It is important not to make a comparison of a dosage in mg as well as units exactly to the dosage regarding comparable pharmaceuticals. Matching a dose for one certain med with the dosage of any one other medicine is simply a bad choice. A unit of measure with one certain pharmaceutical should never simply be assumed to equal to your amount needed with any other drug as the potency measured on a mg for mg measurement with similar but different drugs is usually very different. It’s correct to take into consideration a prescribed dosage with agiven medication to recommended dosage of the given medicine , but not versus any other drugs.

For almost all drug products the larger the dosage amount the higher the chance any one patient will notice drug side effects. Makena can also be expected to not be an exception for this general rule. Adverse outcomes of medication use which may be unusual at lower Makena dosing may be a lot more common as the actual Makena dose is increased to significantly higher Makena dosage with something like 250 mg intramuscularly every week .

Patients take [drug name] by the intramuscular route.

Irregardless of whether patients are taking Makena on the lowest common Makena dosage of 250 mg intramuscularly every week or all the way up to your recommended maximum Makena dose of 250 mg intramuscularly every week anyone prescribed this medication can encounter Makena problems. If you experience findings such that may be Makena negative results each of us needs to talk to one’s prescriber so you will know if one can keep taking the drug or if you must stop taking one’s Makena.

Makena has FDA indication for use in preterm birth risk reduction.

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