Plan B One-Step Dosage

Plan B One-Step dose typically can initially be as soon as possible after unprotected intercourse; maximum efficacy with in 72 hours, moderate efficacy with in 120 hours but may vary as it can depend on the severity of the underlying condition along with the comfort level of the prescribing physician. If needed Plan B One-Step dosing can be escalated up to 1 tablet orally once, but will vary A typical dose of Plan B One-Step may be 1 tablet orally once.

A key note is that you cannot make a comparison of a dosage measurement in mg in addition to units to the dosage of other drugs. Expecting a dose connected with one certain pharmaceutical against a dose of another medication just defies the nature of pharmaceutical understanding. A unit of measure of one giv en medication can never simply be assumed to equal to your unit measurement for any other drug as the effect measured on a unit of mass basis with alternative pharmaceuticals may be extremely unexpectedly different. You may reliably consider an amount with thespecific medicine vs. recommended dosing for the given pharmaceutical , although not to any other meds.

When using most pharmaceuticals the larger the dosage the more likely a person will notice medicine complications. Plan B One-Step can also be expected to not be an exception for this generality of experiences. Untoward medication outcomes that are uncommon at starting Plan B One-Step dosage often are thought of as frequent if your Plan B One-Step dosage happens to be increased approaching significantly higher Plan B One-Step dosing with for example 1 tablet orally once.

The usual route of administration of Plan B One-Step is oral.

No matter if people may be prescribed Plan B One-Step on the lowest common Plan B One-Step amount like as soon as possible after unprotected intercourse; maximum efficacy with in 72 hours, moderate efficacy with in 120 hours vs. versus all the way up to your FDA agreed upon maximum Plan B One-Step dosage at 1 tablet orally once you may experience Plan B One-Step consequences. If you encounter symptoms such that could be considered to be Plan B One-Step issues you needs to notify one’s prescriber in order to discover whether you can safely keep taking the drug or if you must discontinue taking your Plan B One-Step.

Plan B One-Step is typically indicated in the treatment of emergency contraception.

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