Plaquenil Dosage

Plaquenil dosage tends to at first be 800 mg orally once, then 400 mg in 6-8 hours though might be different as it can depend on the degree of severity of the issue and the actual personal experience the physician treating a particular patient has with both the medication and the disease process. Sometimes Plaquenil dose can be escalated and go as high as 2 g/course, although at times will be higher or lower A typical dosage with Plaquenil happens to be 400 mg orally every 24 hours twice.

Critically important is that you cannot make a comparison of a dosage in units like milligrams as well as or other comparable measures like ounces, micrograms, etc. to a dose involving different drugs. Expecting a mg dosage from one particular pharmaceutical vs. a amount prescribed of any other medicine is seldom valid. A unit of measure of one certain drug must not be compared into the number of milligrams with any other medication because potency measured on a mg for mg measurement of various meds is usually markedly unexpectedly different. You may reliably expect to safely compare a dose of thespecific medication with typical doses of the particular pharmaceutical , although not versus another drug products.

For nearly all drugs the larger the dosage more commonly a particular patient should expect to experience medicine consequences. Plaquenil unfortunately is not immune to this general rule. Adverse outcomes of medication use which may be unusual with the lowest Plaquenil dosage may be considered usual if this Plaquenil dosing happens to be escalated toward the top Plaquenil dosing associated with maybe 2 g/course.

The usual route of administration of Plaquenil is oral.

Plaquenil can effectively be swallowed at the same time as food, or on an empty stomach, as assmimlation involving Plaquenil is not significantly altered if used with food. Plaquenil generally is just a nicely taken at the same time as or at a different time from food, so it isn’t key whether or not Plaquenil happens to be taken with or without a meal.

No matter if you are taking Plaquenil on a somewhat lower Plaquenil dose such as 800 mg orally once, then 400 mg in 6-8 hours vs. versus or at the particular Federal Authroized maximum Plaquenil dosage at 2 g/course you could experience Plaquenil side-effects. Should anyone experience findings which even could happen to be Plaquenil consequences anyone should consult one’s prescribing physician to see if it’s OK to stay on the medicine vs. having to immediately halt taking your Plaquenil.

Plaquenil is indicated for malaria treatment.

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