Premarin Vaginal Dosage

Premarin Vaginal dosage can initially be 1-2 g vaginally once a day for 1-2 weeks although may vary depending upon the relative severity of the underlying problem and the preference the prescribing physician happens to have in dealing with the particular problem. When required Premarin Vaginal dosage can get and go as high as 0.5-2 g vaginally 1-3 times a day per week , but can vary One common dosage with Premarin Vaginal may be 0.5-2 g vaginally 1-3 times a day per week .

It is important not to expect to match the dosage measurement in units like milligrams as well as units to the dosage of different meds. Side by side comparison of the mg dosage for one particular medicine against the dose of any other medicine is simply a bad choice. A unit of measure with one giv en medicine can never simply be compared to your amount needed of any other med because the potency measured on a unit for unit quantity for alternative medications can happen to be quite variable. You may reliably consider a prescribed dosage of aindividuals medication versus usual dosage for that individual drug , but not ever with other meds.

When using most drug products often the larger the dosage more commonly any one patient may experience medicine side-effects. Premarin Vaginal unfortunately is not immune to the typicalexperience. Untoward medication outcomes which may be unusual using the lowest Premarin Vaginal dose are often thought of as frequent when the actual Premarin Vaginal dosing is escalated to the top Premarin Vaginal dosage with maybe 0.5-2 g vaginally 1-3 times a day per week .

Patients take Premarin Vaginal by the vaginal route.

Whether you happen to be using Premarin Vaginal at the lowest common Premarin Vaginal dose at 1-2 g vaginally once a day for 1-2 weeks vs. versus all the way up to a recommended highest Premarin Vaginal dose of 0.5-2 g vaginally 1-3 times a day per week patients could find themselves having Premarin Vaginal negative results. Should anyone notice physical or emotional symptoms which might be considered to be Premarin Vaginal problems you needs to get this information to your physician to find out whether it’s OK to stay on the medicine or if you need to discontinue taking your Premarin Vaginal.

Premarin Vaginal is typically indicated in the treatment of vulvovaginal atrophy and mod-severe menopausal dyspareunia.

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