Prezista Dosage

Prezista dose will usually begin with 600 mg orally twice a day though might be different since other variables may dictated different dosages based upon the stage of the issue as well as the personal experience the prescribing physician happens to have in dealing with the particular problem. When required Prezista dose can be escalated and go as high as 800 mg orally once a day, though it may be higher or lower A usual dosage with Prezista could be 800 mg orally once a day.

It is important that one can’t try to compare a dosage in mg as well as other measurement units exactly to dosage regarding alternative pharmaceuticals. Side by side comparison of the dosage of any one pharmaceutical against a dosage with another pharmaceutical rarely works. The number of milligrams with one giv en medicine must not simply be compared to your amount needed with a different pharmaceutical as the potency on a mg for mg ammount of alternative pharmaceuticals is usually markedly unexpectedly different. You can safely consider a prescribed dosage with thegiven medicine versus recommended dosing for that specific pharmaceutical , although never versus different pharmaceuticals.

With most meds the larger the dosage the higher the chance any one person may notice medicine complications. Prezista unfortunately is not immune to the general rule. Untoward medication outcomes that are uncommon with using moderate or low Prezista dose may be more common when your Prezista dose happens to be increased approaching a higher Prezista dose with for example 800 mg orally once a day.

The usual route of administration of Prezista is oral.

Independent of if you may be prescribed Prezista on the lowest common Prezista amount like 600 mg orally twice a day or anywhere up to the particular FDA recommendation max Prezista dose of 800 mg orally once a day anyone could find themselves having Prezista side-effects. If anyone happens to notice symptoms that could happen to be Prezista complications each of us definitely must consult your prescribing physician to see if it’s OK to stay on the medicine or if you must discontinue using one’s Prezista.

Prezista is indicated for treatment-naive HIV infection and treatment-experienced HIV infection.

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