Prilosec Dosage

Prilosec dose can initially be 20-40 mg orally or nasogastric once a day for 4-8 weeks but can differ since other variables may dictated different dosages based upon the degree of severity of the problem along with the actual comfort level the prescribing physician happens to have in dealing with the particular problem. If needed Prilosec dosing may go and go as high as 120 mg 3 times day, though it can be higher or lower One common dose of Prilosec happens to be 60 mg orally or nasogastric once a day.

A very crucial element of understanding drug dosage is to never expect to match the dose in milligrams or or other comparable measures like ounces, micrograms, etc. with a dose associated with different meds. Comparing a dose associated with a particular medicine against a dosage of any other medicine is almost never correct. The dosage with one giv en medication just can’t simply be assumed to equal to the unit measurement of any different medicine because the effect on a mg for mg ammount with similar but different meds may be quite variable. It’s correct to consider a prescribed dosage of theindividuals drug versus usual dosage of the specific drug , but not with another drugs.

When using most drugs typically the larger the dosage amount the more likely any specific individual will endure medication complications. Prilosec is no exception to the generality of experiences. Adverse effects that may not be common using starting Prilosec dosing often are found to be common if this Prilosec dosage is escalated to a much higher Prilosec dosage of something like 120 mg 3 times day.

The oral or nasogastric route is used by patients taking Prilosec.

Independent of if users are taking Prilosec on the typical starting Prilosec dose such as 20-40 mg orally or nasogastric once a day for 4-8 weeks vs. versus somewhere higher on the typical dosage range up to your recommended max Prilosec dosing at 120 mg 3 times day patients may happen to encounter Prilosec side effects. If anyone happens to encounter physical or emotional symptoms that could be Prilosec complications each of us definitely must notify the prescribing physician so you will know if it’s OK to keep taking the drug versus needing to stop at once ingesting the Prilosec.

Prilosec is used to treat GERD, gastric ulcer, duodenal ulcer, hypersecretory conditions, H. pylori infection, and NSAID-associated gastric ulcer prophylaxis.

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