Pristiq Dosage

Pristiq dosing can initially be 50 mg orally once a day although may be different depending upon the relative severity estimate of the primary problem and the personal experience of the health care provider treating the condition. Sometimes Pristiq dosing may go and go as high as 50 mg/day, though it might be higher or lower A typical dose with Pristiq happens to be 50 mg orally once a day.

An important concept is to be sure not to expect to match the dosage measurement in units like milligrams as well as other measurement units to a dose of alternative drug products. Matching the dose regarding a particular medicine vs. a amount prescribed of a different pharmaceutical is simply a bad choice. The number of milligrams of one giv en drug must not simply be compared to the same units of measurement for another pharmaceutical since the effect on a unit for unit basis of different medications is usually extremely variable. You may reliably compare the dosage with thegiven medication versus recommended doses for that particular med , but not versus another drug products.

When using most drug products typically the higher the dosage the higher the chance a medication user is to notice pharmaceutical complications. Pristiq can also be expected to not be an exception for this general rule. Untoward medication outcomes uncommon using lower Pristiq dosage are often more frequent as your Pristiq dose should be raised toward significantly higher Pristiq dosing with something like 50 mg/day.

Administration of Pristiq is by the oral route.

Independent of if people happen to be using Pristiq on the lowest common Pristiq dose such as 50 mg orally once a day vs. versus all the way up to a Federal Authroized top Pristiq dosing of 50 mg/day you may happen to notice Pristiq difficulties. If you encounter symptoms such that might end up being Pristiq consequences each of us should talk to the prescriber to find out whether it’s OK to continue the medication or if you need to stop ingesting your Pristiq.

Pristiq is typically indicated in the treatment of major depressive disorder.

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