Provenge Dosage

Provenge dose tends to at first be 1 dose intravenously every 2 weeks 3 times but can differ depending on the severity of the underlying disease as well as typically the personal experience of the health care provider treating the condition. At times Provenge dosing can get up to 1 dose intravenously every 2 weeks 3 times, and will be higher or lower A typical dose with Provenge may be 1 dose intravenously every 2 weeks 3 times.

A key note is that you cannot make a comparison of the dose in milligrams or or other comparable measures like ounces, micrograms, etc. exactly to the dosage regarding alternative medications. Matching the dose of one particular medication against a dose with any other medication is seldom valid. The number of milligrams of one giv en drug should never simply be compared into the same units of measurement with another medication because the potency as measured by a unit of mass basis with similar but different medications may be extremely unexpectedly different. It is appropriate expect to safely compare the dosage with aindividuals drug vs. recommended dosage for that individual medication , although never versus any other medications.

With most drug products the larger the dosage the higher the chance any specific person will be fraught with drug complications. Provenge also is vulnerable to this rule of thumb. Untoward medication outcomes that may not be common at the lowest Provenge dosage may be much more usual as your Provenge dose happens to be pushed upward to significantly higher Provenge dosage of for example 1 dose intravenously every 2 weeks 3 times.

Administration of Provenge is by the intravenous route.

No matter if you are taking Provenge on a somewhat lower Provenge dosage of 1 dose intravenously every 2 weeks 3 times or all the way up to your recommended top Provenge dose of 1 dose intravenously every 2 weeks 3 times you could notice Provenge side effects. If anyone happens to note physical or emotional symptoms which may happen to be Provenge issues each of us definitely must consult one’s physician so you will know if you can safely stay on the medicine or should stop using the Provenge.

Provenge can be useful in the treatment of metastatic castration-resistant prostate cancer.

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