Prozac Weekly Dosage

Prozac Weekly dosing can start at 7 days after last dose of 20 mg orally every week but could change depending upon the severity of the targeted disease as well as the actual preference of the health care provider treating the condition. Sometimes Prozac Weekly dose may be increased to 90 mg orally every week, though it may vary A usual dosage with Prozac Weekly is 90 mg orally every week.

A key note is not to compare the dose in units like milligrams as well as or other comparable measures like ounces, micrograms, etc. with a dose regarding alternative drugs. Comparing the dose for a particular drug to a dosage of any one other medication is seldom valid. A mg measurement of one certain medicine must not simply be compared to your number of milligrams of any different drug since efficacy measured on a unit for unit measurement of similar but different drug products is usually extremely unexpectedly different. You can safely take into consideration a dose with thegiven drug with usual doses of the individual medicine , but never to another meds.

For nearly all drugs typically the higher a dosage the higher the chance a given person is to be fraught with pharmaceutical side effects. Prozac Weekly also is vulnerable to the generality of experiences. Side effects not expected commonly at lower Prozac Weekly dose may be found to be thought of as frequent if this Prozac Weekly dosage happens to be raised toward a much higher Prozac Weekly dosing associated with for example 90 mg orally every week.

In order to use Prozac Weekly a patient receives Prozac Weekly by the oral route.

It does not make a differenct if users happen to be using Prozac Weekly at the typical starting Prozac Weekly dosage of 7 days after last dose of 20 mg orally every week vs. versus anywhere up to a FDA agreed upon top Prozac Weekly dosage at 90 mg orally every week patients could find themselves having Prozac Weekly complications. Should anyone note symptoms such that may end up being Prozac Weekly issues each of us should notify the prescribing physician to see if one can stay on the medicine versus needing to halt taking your Prozac Weekly.

Prozac Weekly is typically indicated in the treatment of maintenance treatment major depressive disorder.

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